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Training & Tools for Handcrafted Log Building

Welcome to the only webstore owned by Robert W. Chambers. I'm pleased to offer you my REVISED book and DVDs. When you shop here you are buying direct from me.

I have dedicated my career to handcrafted log homes, and to helping people build their own home or cabin.

At this time (March and April 2020) we can fulfill all orders for books and for DVDs.

But, at this time we will not be selling scriber parts or refill pens. The V.2 scriber uses "Fisher RP/CSP" pens. Please do a google search to see if you can buy them near you. RP/CSP is Fisher's product code for "Refill Pen / Contractors Space Pen"

BIG NEWS:  I have written a new book with LOADS of my log building secrets. Most of it I have never written about before (and have never seen in print by others).

I had planned to print it in June...now not possible with COVID-19 restrictions. So, I am looking at possibly selling it in separate chapters as a series of eBooks.

If it becomes available, it will be sold from my webstore.


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