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DVDs -  Building Log Walls

DVDs - Building Log Walls



3 DVD discs in a Box Set with 5 hours of video instruction. How to build handcrafted, scribe-fit log home walls with Robert W. Chambers and the Staff of Natural Log Homes.

These videos will show you chainsaw and hand-tool techniques you'll need for building your handcrafted log home shell. Animations are used to teach log building fundamentals. Saddle notches and long-grooves (laterals) are scribed and cut. State of the art techniques for doing it yourself -- Building your own log home. 

"It's like having Robert as your private teacher!"

Robert teaches handcrafted methods using naturally-shaped logs that are fitted tightly to each other without gaps and without chinking. These DVDs are not about milled, factory-made, manufactured log kits. Instead, Chambers shows how to use a scriber to trace the contours of one log onto the other. 

View clips from the series on Robert's website (link in at top of this page).  5-Star ratings. 

Robert W. Chambers has been building log homes since 1983, teaching log home construction since 1985, and is author of the best-selling book -- the Revised Log Construction Manual.

  • Disc 1:  Getting Good Trees, Debarking & Peeling, How to Make a Log List, Tools, Safety, Techniques like Chainsaw Brushing, Cut-Carve, Saddles. Fundamentals like Corner Order (butts & tips), Avoiding Notching Problems, Finding Your Selection "Rules," How to Select Which Log to Use Next, and Techniques like Scribing Grooves.     (2 hours)
  • Disc 2: Scribing Corner Notches, Scribing Flyways, Cutting Notches & Grooves, Kerfs to Control Checking, Gaskets to Keep your Home Warm, Finding & Fixing HangUps, Ripping Flats with a Chainsaw, Snapping Chalklines, Sill Logs (the First Logs), Average Wall Gain, Keeping Walls the Correct Height as you Build, Making a Selection Map.    (2 hours)
  • Disc 3: The 25 Steps for putting logs on the wall.  (1 hour)

No regional coding. Discs play worldwide, but choose your format from pull-down menu

DVD formats:

  • NTSC    (for USA and Canada, parts of Russia)        
  • PAL       (for Asia, some parts of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America).    .......    

5 hours of private one-on-one instruction.


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