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Revised Log Construction Manual (newest edition)

Revised Log Construction Manual (newest edition)


 LATE NOVEMBER 2021 - Out of stock of paper books

Labor shortages have hit the company that prints my book. I am out of stock. I hope this resolves quickly.

My book has been printed, and is waiting to be bound.

Order now, and be first in line to receive your copy when they are ready. I do not know when it will ship, but certainly before Christmas.

You might be able to find a copy somewhere else, but be careful about Amazon--they sell old editions (black and white inside, and different cover). Make sure you buy the "Revised" Log Construction Manual. If the cover does not say "Revised" then it is an old copy.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


My eBooks are ALWAYS available.... details below


The Log Construction Manual is fully revised and updated. A new printing -- in FULL COLOR on every page. Hundreds of new photos and drawings. Major revisions to several chapters.

Now, also available as an   *  eBook *  at Amazon (Kindle app) and at Apple Books ...  Details are at bottom of this page.

Since 2002 the Log Construction Manual has been teaching people like you what you need to know so you can build your own handcrafted log home. The Revised Log Construction Manual is a comprehensive guide about how to scribe-fit logs to each other, cut notches, and build roof support systems of large, round, naturally-shaped logs.

Clearly written. Even complex techniques are easy to understand. Hundreds and hundreds of color drawings and color photos to help.

This book is packed with information that is available nowhere else. No other book has:  the "Log Selection Rules," Robert's brilliant and simple method for choosing which log to use next--now even simpler; detailed instructions for building handcrafted log roof trusses—including my new (2015) mitered truss improvement; step-by-step directions for laying out sill logs for any design or floor plan; how to cut state-of-the-art compression-fit saddle notches; methods to keep notches and grooves tight over time; allowing for settling and shrinkage of log walls; scribing tips that pro's use; and much more. 

Based on Robert's experience building handcrafted log homes for more than 34 years, and his experience teaching log home construction around the world for more than 25 years.

Chapters and Detailed Information about: 

  • Why Build With Logs
  • Energy Efficiency of Log Homes
  • How to Find & Buy Good Logs
  • Your Log Home Project -- budget, planning, log home designing
  • Log Wall Basics
  • Deciding Which Log to Use Next ("Robert's Selection Rules")
  • Sill Logs (the base course)
  • Putting Logs on the Wall
  • Doors & Windows
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing and Settling
  • Scribing
  • Cutting Notches
  • Grooves and Saddles
  • Underscribing Notches to Keep Fits Tight Over Time
  • Settling & How to Allow For It
  • Roof Basics for Log Homes
  • Top Plate Logs
  • Mitered Log Trusses
  • Truss Engineering
  • Log Purlins and Ridges
  • Log Valley Rafters
  • Log Building Tools, and where to buy them
  • The ILBA Log Building Standards
  • and much more.

Best Selling log home book for 19 years in a row at Amazon. The most critically acclaimed book ever on log home construction.

Includes both Metric and Feet-Inches for all important dimensions. 

286 pages. 8.5" x 11" (22cm x 28cm).  Hundreds of photos and drawings. Softcover. FULL COLOR ON EVERY PAGE. Bibliography. Index. Tool Sources with websites. Special Layflat binding. English language.

This is the book that teaches you how to build like a pro!

NOW also available as eBook

1) Kindle app...at Amazon. Go to your Amazon website. Search for "Revised Log Construction Manual" in the Kindle Store. Immediately delivery. No shipping cost. Can be read on ANY device using the free Kindle app. You do NOT need a Kindle reader. You only need the free Kindle app on your device (tablet, laptop, or desktop....).

and at

2) Apple Books. Like the Kindle version, this is in "replica" format—meaning this eBook looks identical to the printed-on-paper edition.

You cannot buy a copy of either the Kindle or the Apple eBook from this page, you must go to the Apple Book store or to your Amazon website.





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