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Log Cabin Secrets, Book 4: Superior Methods and Efficiency

Log Cabin Secrets, Book 4: Superior Methods and Efficiency


This book is also available as an E-Book at Amazon and Apple book stores. 



TRUE secrets here. First-time owner-builders and professional log builders will learn about incredible time-saving and cost-saving construction methods.

Expanded Log Building:
Build small 4-wall shells, and cut them into the corners you need for a big log cabin or log home. This is how I built my own log cabin, and it is sweet. No settling in any doors or windows!

Accelerated Log Building:
Log Building Companies can reduce 60% or more of the labor needed to build their projects.

Merging Tops & Bottoms:
Build the top half and bottom half at the same time, and then put them together. This is how I build projects in my hands-on courses.

Log Panels (piece-en-piece):
A great way to build a solid handcrafted log cabin without any corner notches. Think of it as a log post-and-beam and log wall hybrid.


67 pages; more than 120 illustrations. Full color graphics and photos on every page.

Clearly written. Even the complex techniques are easy to understand. Hundreds and hundreds of color drawings and color photos to help.

Metric and Feet-Inches for all important dimensions. English language.


The eBook is in "replica" format—meaning it looks identical to a printed paper book.

You cannot buy a copy of he E-Book from this page, you must click one of the links below to view and buy:

Click this to go to "Log Cabin Secrets: Superior Methods" in the Apple Book Store (Apple/Mac only) for $15.99. You will need the free Apple Book app (available only for Apple devices).

Or, click this link to go to Amazon (for PC and Windows, and for iPads and MacBooks that have the free Kindle app) You will need the free Kindle app (available for all operating systems).

Please do NOT buy an eBook for a phone: you will not be happy trying to read this on a small screen.


ALL the books in my Secrets series builds on the basic log building information found in my Revised Log Construction ManualIf you are new to log building, then you should also have my Log Construction Manual.


If you cannot get my books at Amazon.com (the US Amazon), then try Amazon stores that are closer to you:

Canada:  https://www.amazon.ca/s?k=log+cabin+secrets

UK:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Robert-Wood-Chambers/e/B001K8YP9S

France:  https://www.amazon.fr/Robert-Wood-Chambers/e/B001K8YP9S

Germany: https://www.amazon.de/Robert-Wood-Chambers/e/B001K8YP9S

Netherlands: https://www.amazon.nl/s?k=log+cabin+secrets

Brazil: https://www.amazon.com.br/Robert-Wood-Chambers/e/B001K8YP9S

Australia:  https://www.amazon.com.au/s?k=log+cabin+secrets

Italy:  https://www.amazon.it/Robert-Wood-Chambers/e/B001K8YP9S

Japan:  https://www.amazon.co.jp/Robert-Wood-Chambers/e/B001K8YP9S

Spain:  https://www.amazon.es/Robert-Wood-Chambers/e/B001K8YP9S






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