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Refill for  Rotating Head   (Classic scriber)

Refill for Rotating Head (Classic scriber)




Fisher Space Pen Model    PSGB-20

"Plotter Super Giant Bold 2.0 inches long."


Does NOT fit the Classic Scriber itself . . . . this refill fits ONLY the optional Rotating Heads for Classic. 

Also can be purchased from other places, including from Fisher Space Pen Company in USA.   See your Classic Scriber User's Manual (pdf) for more sources.

PSGM-20 will fit into the rotating head, too—but it has a medium nib. I prefer the Bold nib.

The PSG refills are available in many lengths.  But  ONLY the 2.0 inch length can be used in the Classic Scriber's Rotating Heads. 

Lots of ink. Will last for 1 average log shell. BUT... buy a spare in case you break the tip off if you drop your scriber.

I have Fisher Space Pens make these for me with two refinements. My PSG20 have BOLD tips. And they have no locator ring (not needed by my scribers) and no stuck-on label.

Available in blue or black ink.

Come in small plastic storage tube. Shelf-life is greater than 2 years.

2023 price increase -- Fisher Space Pen Company raised the price to USD$30 per each.



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