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Rotating-head pen holder — for Classic Scriber

Rotating-head pen holder — for Classic Scriber


Upgrade the performance of your Classic scriber with these pen holders.

The pen holder can be rotated 360° for any 'angle of attack' to touch the log. The scribe setting does not change when you rotate the pen holder.


I did not design these pen-holders—but they are made at the same CNC mill shop in Germany that makes my Chambers Classic Scriber. I buy the rotating pen-holders, and sell them here because they are a perfect match for my Classic scribers.

Here's what this means: if you want, you can use a rotating pen-holder in just one leg of your Chambers Classic Scriber, because these rotating pen-holders were designed to be the same length as my Classic Scriber holding a standard Staedtler Lumocolor 318 "F" pen.


You might be able to use this pen-holder in other models of scribers — 

QUICK TIP to see if it might fit your scriber: if a Staedtler Lumcolor 318 pen fits into your scriber, and your scriber grips it tightly, then you might be able to use this rotating pen-holder in your scriber.

BUT, I offer no guarantee that this will work in your scriber, and I have not tried to fit this into any other scriber. Use with other models of scribers is at your risk: and there are no returns and no exchanges allowed on this item if used in any non-Chambers scriber.


These are guaranteed to work in my Chambers Classic Scriber, and are an excellent upgrade for one, or for both, legs.


If I am using just one rotating pen-holder, then I usually put it in the upper leg of the Classic scriber, and use a Staedtler Lumocolor 318 Fine, or the stainless steel 'dummy' in the lower leg.


"PSG" Fisher Space Pen refills are available from Amazon.com, and from Fisher Space Pen. Sometimes called a "Super Giant Plotter" pen (PSG)—it is 2-inches long, and 0.45 inches diameter. This is the ONLY pen that can be used in the rotating pen-holder. You must use ONLY the 2-inch long PSG.


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