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Pen Tube for V.2 Scribers

Pen Tube for V.2 Scribers


Pen tubes are a PERMANENT part of a V.2 scriber. NEVER throw a pen tube away!


Milled from a single piece of stainless steel on a Swiss machine. 

Pen Tubes also allow you to change a dead pen "on the fly" -- without removing the arm from the scriber, or re-setting pen length.

You'll work faster and more accurately with the Pen Tubes. When a pen runs out of ink, just unscrew the cap, remove the dead pen, replace with a fresh pen refill, replace the cap, and keep scribing! Fast.

Each pen tube comes with a tube cap. The pen tube cap is a tire valve stem cap— and you can buy replacement caps from your local auto-parts store or bicycle shop.

Pen Tubes fit ALL V.2 scribers.  (Straight arms and Arc arms.)


Pen tubes do NOT fit the V.1 ChambersScriber or the Classic ChambersScriber. (Your scriber is engraved either "V.1" or "V.2" or "Classic" ...  please look at your scriber before ordering.)



Pen refills for pen tubes are sold separately. Be sure to add some "refill pens" to your order. 


(Pen Tubes are 0.25 inch Outside Diameter (6.34 mm OD) ... if you are wondering if they might fit a different model of scriber.)



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